Couples Counseling


$50-$100 -- 50 min. session
I offer a sliding fee scale based on household size and income. I also offer discounted rates to current/former military (and their immediate family) and current college students with ID.

What to Expect

I know that deciding to attend couples counseling together can be a big step, but I am glad you are considering it. Couples counseling tends to be more active and structured. On average, it lasts about 10-12 sessions. My role is to help you achieve the relationship you desire by exploring the things that are holding you back. I do not take sides in counseling, but rather help you identify and build on your strengths as individuals and as a couple. 


I ask couples to commit to once a week couples counseling. I also assign weekly skills practice for in-between sessions. My ideal clients are willing to work just as hard at home as they are during our time together. My experience is that the more committed a couple is, the better (and faster) they see results.

How to get the most out of couples counseling

1. Make your appointments a priority. If you've ever tried to learn a new skill, you know that consistency is the key. My experience is that frequently canceling and rescheduling appointments hinders progress in therapy.

2. Be open to taking risks or trying new things. Any time you learn a new skill, it can feel strange or unnatural. It is likely that I will introduce concepts, skills, or techniques that may be somewhat new to  you, but with willingness and practice, you will likely find them to be beneficial. 

3. Take responsibility for your mental health. In other words, come prepared with the issues you would like to have addressed during our time together. Keep track of whether symptoms are improving or worsening. Develop clear goals around what you would like to achieve in therapy and actively work on those goals outside of counseling.

4. Be willing to give direct and honest feedback. The more feedback I get from you about what is working and what is not working, the more I can tailor my services and be more effective in helping you.